Object title
BooSha, the Caveman Built and performed by
Tau Bennett Description
BooSha is a character that I built in February, 2012. He is a hand-and-rod puppet with a built-in moving eyebrow mechanism. He's a puppet that I used so much throughout middle school and high school that his insides are sort of broken, and I had to build a new version in the summer of 2017. In the world of The Rumble Ensemble, BooSha is from the Stone Age and was brought into present day by a science experiment gone wrong. Living Objects theme
Puppetry and Storytelling

Production title
The Rumble Ensemble Years created and used
2012-2016 Medium
Foam, fur, blanket fleece, metal wire Type of puppet
Hand-and-rod puppet Dimensions
Height: 31” (20” without rods)
Width: 8”
Depth: 9”