Susan Fulcher, from the Matteson Area Public Library District in Matteson, Illinois, has been building and performing with puppets for the past five years. Susan uses puppets in storytelling for preschoolers and kindergartners. She also teaches elementary school students how to build and perform with different types of puppets such as glove puppets and mouth puppets. In 2015, Susan partnered with professional puppeteer Dave Herzog to work with upper elementary and junior high school students. Dave’s forty-four years worth of experience has been an asset when teaching the students about puppet manipulation, acting, set design and so much more. Susan and Dave look forward to continuing with their puppetry classes at the library. Artist statement
I feel that my job is to teach the next generation of African American students about this wonderful art form. As an African American teacher/librarian/puppeteer, I've made it my goal to give African American students an opportunity to explore puppetry by building and performing with puppets. Many places offer puppetry classes but students cannot attend because it costs too much.  Our library offers free programs, and the library pays to bring in professional puppeteers to either teach the students skills that I haven't learned yet or to perform shows. This way, students are getting a quality education in puppetry. The students who have been with me the longest have performed at the library and at local school events, and one group made giant puppets and walked them in the 2018 Memorial Day Parade here in Matteson, IL. I have to say that it's been a blessing to work with the students at my library and I can't wait until the next round of classes begins. How did you learn your craft?
I learned my craft in a multitude of ways. I started by attending a workshop that taught librarians how to use puppets during storytime. This led me to do as much research as I could, reading every book in my library’s collection on the subject of puppetry. The second time was when the library sent me to Detroit to a Puppeteers of America Regional Conference. There I met wonderful people who gave me advice on how to use puppets. Five years later I continue to attend Regional and National Festivals offered by the Puppeteers of America to keep learning new ways to build and perform with puppets so I can teach my students.

Susan Fulcher Location
Matteson, IL Date of birth
1971 Years active in puppetry
2013-present Types of puppets performed and built
Hand puppets; rod puppets; hand-and-rod puppets; shadow puppets; giant puppets Representative productions
The Monster at the End of this Book (2014) Website Facebook
Matteson Area Public Library District YouTube channel
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