Nate has been fascinated by puppets his entire life. He grew up in the 90’s, when there were numerous puppet shows on television, which he would sit and stare at in fascination. At the age of eleven, following an injury, he became a ventriloquist and developed an obsession with puppetry. Nate considers his work “weird to say the least,” but “loves being out there.” He sees his performances as “totally raw,” with no limitations other than the ones he gives himself, and feels “that's important in all art, not just puppetry, so I try to apply it in my work.” Artist statement
Black puppeteers are important, so very important. My whole life I heard black people don't do this, and if you hear it enough, you're damn right you'll believe it. If it wasn't for seeing artists like Kevin Clash, Willie Tyler, and John W Cooper, my struggle would have been even worse. Black kids seeing black people performing puppet shows gives them the message that “you can do it too.” I remember how amazingly happy I was to find out Elmo was black. I was elated. Not only is he a black puppeteer, he's Elmo—the most popular puppet character of my time! I think the number will only grow, it already has. I’m excited for the future. How did you learn your craft?
I’m self-taught mostly, but I learned how to properly puppeteer at the National Puppetry Festival and The Eugene O’Neill Theater Center

Nate Puppets Location
Shaker Heights, OH Date of birth
1992 Years active in puppetry
2004-present Types of puppets performed and built
Hand puppets; hand and rod puppets Representative productions
Skylar Sells His Soul (2017) Facebook
Nate Puppets ; Nate Puppets' Underground World