Object title
Giant Princess Built and performed by
Students in the Fiber Arts Program at Illinois Elementary School in Park Forest, Illinois Description
Susan Fulcher of the Matteson Area Public Library District worked with Illinois Elementary School teacher Deanna Rallins to teach her Fiber Arts students how to build giant puppets for the Matteson, Illinois Memorial Day Parade. The students learned how to create newspaper and cardboard shapes for the head and hands, covered them with clay to smooth out the features, and then applied plaster gauze over the clay. Once the head and hands were dry, the students painted them and added the costume and embellishments. Living Objects theme
Puppetry in Community

Production title
Matteson, Illinois Memorial Day Parade Years created and used
2018 Medium
Plaster gauze, acrylic paint, wire and cardboard, two metal broomsticks, pool noodle, fabric, hot glue, foil, plastic gems, yarn, craft foam, tape Type of puppet
Parading puppet Dimensions
Height: 79”
Width: 73”
Depth: 10”