Object title
Reverend William Mack Lee Ghost Puppet, General Robert E. Lee's Favorite Slave Built and performed by
Pope.L Description
Pope.L’s Reverend William Mack Lee Ghost Puppet appeared in his 2012 film Reenactor, which features amateur performers in Confederate uniforms ("the most visible and onerous costumes of our historical past," as Pope.L puts it) performing daily-life activities. In this way, as Slought.org describes it, “the violent history of the South seeps into the fabric of everyday life, haunting this city with its most disquieting legacies.” Reenactor includes a dialogue between hand puppets representing Reverend William Mack Lee (General Robert E. Lee’s “body servant”) and General Lee’s famous horse Traveler, in which Reverend Lee repeatedly asks the horse “what is Robert E. Lee?” Traveler supplies two answers: “A hero, sandwiched between the lettuce of what we know and what we can never know;” and “he’s history: he’s dead, like us.” Pope.L describes these objects as "tools, things that I used as puppets." Living Objects theme
Puppetry as Visual Art

Production title
Reenactor (2010) Years created and used
2010 Medium
Fabric, marker, papier-mâché, acrylic Type of puppet
Hand puppet Dimensions
Height: 24”
Width: 16”
Depth: 5”